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Types of Oncologists and Cancer Specialists

Cancer treatment requires specialized care from oncologists and cancer specialists. These doctors receive specialized training in diagnosing and treating cancer. So, the first step after being diagnosed with cancer is to find the best oncologist in Patna. They will conduct a series of tests to provide a correct diagnosis of your condition. Oncologists create a base for the treatment and allow the doctors to devise a treatment plan for your specific condition. Several other doctors and specialists support oncologists to ensure the correct delivery of all types of treatment. Since there are many types of oncologists in Patna, it is essential to know about all of them to decide the best ones for your condition. 

Medical Oncologist

Medical oncologists are specialists that are directly involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. These doctors deliver chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy to patients. Medical oncologists provide treatment for all types of cancers, and in addition to being involved in treatment, they offer emotional support to cancer patients as well. 

Radiation Oncologist

Radiation oncologists as the name suggests are specialists who deliver radiation treatment to patients. These doctors are trained to provide radiation treatment for all types of cancers. Since radiation therapy requires expert care and specialization, you should choose the best radiation oncologist in Patna for your treatment. Professional doctors work closely with physicists and technologists to ensure a precise, efficient, and safe treatment of cancer patients. If your doctor has recommended radiation therapy as your treatment plan, then you will get this treatment from radiation oncologists. 

Surgical Oncologist 

Surgical oncologists are doctors who conduct operations for cancer treatment. These surgeries are highly specialized and require dedicated doctors who can provide the highest-quality care. Given the sensitive nature of this treatment, you need to contact the best surgical oncologist in Patna for your treatment plan. Several sub-specialties surgical doctors assist specialized oncologists during the surgery and allow them to provide the best results from such treatment. Surgical oncologists are trained in their respective fields, and you can find neurosurgeons, gastrointestinal surgeons, urologists, head and neck surgeons, etc. to ensure the best treatment 

Paediatric Oncologist 

Pediatric oncologists are specialists who diagnose and treat cancer in children. When kids under the age of 16 are diagnosed with cancer, they are referred to pediatric oncologists to provide them with specialized care. Since children are still developing, treating them requires specialized training. Pediatric oncologists understand the developing bodies of children and provide high-quality care. 

Oncologists are key to receiving proper treatment, hence you should choose the best ones to ensure the best care. Aastha Cancer Institute is the pioneer in cancer care and treatment. They house specialized oncologists and are the best cancer hospital in Patna. Contact them to get the most specialized care for you and your family members.

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