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Immunotherapy for cancer — what you need to know

Medical science is advancing every day, and with that advancement comes new treatment methods for several different types of conditions. Some years back, chemotherapy was the only viable option when it came to cancer treatment, but a new breakthrough has allowed doctors a treatment plan that is more effective. Immunotherapy for cancer is a type of biological or targeted therapy that uses the body’s natural immune system to kill cancer cells. Today, we will learn all about this new treatment plan, and determine if it can be a good treatment option for cancer patients. 

The Working of Immunotherapy for Cancer

Our immune system is designed to detect and destroy any external cells that enter the body. It keeps us protected from all types of diseases by warding off both internal and external factors. However, cancer cells are not determined as an external marker, and the immune system does not destroy them. In some cases, the immune system may be too weak to actually kill the cancer cells. This is where Immunotherapy for cancer helps. It strengthens the body’s immunity to fight against cancer cells. This allows the body to identify and destroy cancer cells without much external help. 

What Types of Cancer Can Be Treated With Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a beneficial treatment for all cancer patients regardless of the cancer type or stage. However, doctors will first assess your condition and recommend a treatment plan depending on it. Immunotherapy for cancer is primarily used in lung cancers, kidney cancers, skin cancers, head and neck cancers, etc. Even after considerable benefits, immunotherapy is not as common as radiation or chemotherapy. Doctors assess the case first, and when the patient’s body does not react to other treatments, immunotherapy is recommended to them. 

Is Immunotherapy Right For Me?

Immunotherapy is given to patients who have advanced or metastatic cancer. If cancer has returned or spread after initial treatment, the patient will be recommended to try immunotherapy. If the patient is suffering from an autoimmune condition, they are not suitable for this treatment. Thus, the patient must not have any other serious health condition, only then Immunotherapy for cancer is recommended to them. Since immunotherapy is an advanced form of treatment, only a handful of hospitals and cancer institutions offer it. You should go with a trusted care provider to ensure you receive the correct treatment from qualified doctors. 

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