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Important Information about Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer is similar to any other type of cancer. This type of cancer usually starts in the milk ducts and grows from there. Since cancer can grow and spread to other parts of the body, it is crucial to contact the best cancer hospital in Patna and start your treatment. Identifying the symptoms of breast cancer early and starting treatment will help you get better and make a full recovery. Depending on the type of breast cancer and its stage, the treatment options will vary. Your oncologist will first assess your health condition and then make a treatment plan to help you recover. However, since breast cancer is similar to other types of cancers, the treatment will include a combination of the following methods: 


This is the most common type of treatment used during the initial stages of cancer detection. Since cancer can be removed from the body completely, surgery is the best treatment if you are in the early stages of cancer. You should find the best breast cancer hospital in Patna that houses the most experienced surgeons. It will not only improve your chances of a successful procedure but will help you get cancer-free and lead a normal life. 


If your cancer has gone to a more advanced stage, doctors in Patna cancer hospitals will recommend other treatments including chemotherapy. This treatment can be started right away with some patients. It helps kill cancer cells by using medicine and preventing them from multiplying. Your doctor will take everything into account such as your age, stage, and type of cancer before recommending chemotherapy. All of these factors will play a pivotal role in deciding the intensity of treatment. 

Radiation Therapy 

After chemotherapy, the doctor may recommend radiation therapy. If the tumor is less than 5 inches, radiation therapy may not be required. However, in some cases, radiation therapy is recommended to remove cancer. It’s important to contact a top cancer hospital in Patna to ensure you receive proper care and the best treatment. They will not only formulate a treatment plan according to your condition but with care and support help you in this journey. 

Hormone Therapy

Your oncologist may also recommend hormone therapy to help get your life back on track. Once all the above treatments are completed, you may go through hormone therapy for a while. This therapy stops or slows the growth of hormone therapy tumors. A reputed cancer hospital in Patna will be able to provide hormone therapy to ensure your cancer does not return. 

Final Words

Breast cancer can have a drastic impact on your life, but with the correct treatment and best care, you can eliminate it and lead a normal life. Aasta Cancer Institute is the top cancer hospital in Patna, and we can help you in your fight against cancer. If you or anyone in your family require cancer care, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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