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Benefits and Risks of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is among the most effective cancer treatments. People often associate this treatment with an unpleasant experience that will lead to severe side effects. But that is not completely true. Cancer treatments are constantly evolving, but there is still a lot of misconception about chemotherapy. Since it is an effective treatment method, you must be aware of this treatment before you or your family goes through with it. In this article, we will discuss everything about chemotherapy ranging from its benefits and side effects to helping you get the best cancer treatment in Patna. 

How is Chemotherapy Treatment Used in Cancer Treatment? 

Chemotherapy treatments depend on the type and stage of cancer. The oncologists will determine all factors and formulate the best treatment plan for the patient. It can either be used as the primary treatment method, in combination with other treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy. Some cancer hospitals in Patna also use chemotherapy to relieve the symptoms of advanced cancer to improve the patient’s quality of life. Chemotherapy drugs were delivered by infusion. But now, medical advancement allows patients to take drugs orally and receive chemotherapy treatment at home. 

The Benefits of Chemotherapy

The primary benefit of chemotherapy is that it kills cancer cells. It is one of the most effective tools in the fight against cancer. With the help of a trusted cancer hospital in Patna, you can fight even the most advanced cancers and make a full recovery. Since the treatment can be adjusted depending on the patient’s needs, it is one of the best treatment methods to fight cancer with minimum side effects. Chemotherapy is an effective treatment option for several different types of cancers ranging from breast cancer to lung cancer. 

Risks of Chemotherapy

While chemotherapy is effective in killing cancer cells rapidly, it can also affect healthy cells in the process. This is the cause of the side effects associated with chemotherapy. Damage to healthy cells is the biggest risk of this treatment method. However, not all patients will experience the same side effects. Since everyone has a different immune system, some patients may experience these side effects more than others. The intensity of this treatment can be adjusted according to the patient’s needs to minimize the risk and side effects of chemotherapy. You should discuss your health information with your oncologist to help them formulate the most effective treatment plan for you. 

Final Words 

Chemotherapy is the most used cancer treatment all over the world. Even with certain risks, it is an effective option that helps people fight cancer. Choosing a trusted doctor and hospital is the key to receiving the best treatment. Aastha Cancer Institute is among the top cancer hospitals in Patna. We have helped several patients make full recovery and lead a normal life. If you or any of your loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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