Breast cancer treatment in Patna

How Has the Breast Cancer Treatment Evolved

The occurrence of breast cancer is very common, but over time the treatment methods have evolved. We have come a long way when it comes to breast cancer treatment in Patna. Women have several treatment options to choose from, and the availability of these options has improved the chances of recovery. Specialized doctors and surgeons now provide better treatment as comprehensive oncology. This method includes a holistic approach to treating cancer, which leads to better results.

Awareness about breast cancer has played an important role in the emergence of better treatment options. Since people are more aware of this disease, oncologists and doctors are constantly working toward creating better and more advanced methods to treat breast cancer. These methods have boosted the survival rate drastically. If the cancer is caught in its early stages, the survival rate is 99%.

Types of Treatment Methods to Battle Breast Cancer

One reason behind better survival rates is comprehensive and precision oncology. Doctors devise a specific treatment plan for the patient. Thus, every patient receives comprehensive care that is unique to their condition. Since the treatment is unique to your body and health condition, you will respond faster to medicine, and the survival rates will increase. Modern breast cancer specialists in Patna are using a combination of the following methods to help cancer patients —

  • Genetic Testing – Oncologists may test your genes to check for mutations. The results can unveil a lot of important information that will help them design the best treatment plan for you.
  • Reduced Radiation – Previously, the radiation period was set depending on the type of cancer. During breast cancer treatment radiation therapy was given for 6 weeks. But, it has changed, the time and duration of radiation therapy depend on the patient’s condition. It allows the doctors to maximize the benefit of treatment while reducing its side effects.
  • Surgery – While surgery has always been an important method to cure breast cancer, the latest tools and advancements lead to better precision and results.
  • Hormone Therapy – It is now used as a part of treatment and a way to prevent breast cancer as well.

Final Words

Breast cancer can be treated, and with the latest advancement in the medical field, the survival and recovery rates are improved. However, it’s important to catch it early. The sooner your cancer is caught, the better survival chances you will have. If you or anyone in your family has been struggling with symptoms or been diagnosed with cancer, they will need the best care. Aastha Cancer Institute is among the top cancer hospitals in Patna. We offer comprehensive cancer care to help you in your fight against this disease. Contact our team and allow us to help you fight cancer.

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