Chemotherapy Treatment

Myths You Didn’t Know About Chemotherapy

Cancer treatment has been advancing every day, but chemotherapy is one of the most common and effective ways to treat cancer. When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, their first instinct is to avoid treatment due to the side effects of chemotherapy. However, patients are scared due to the misinformation and myth surrounding chemotherapy for cancer. Clearing these doubts and myths will help patients accept the treatment with open arms and improve their chances of survival and recovery. Listed below are some of the most common myths surrounding chemotherapy treatment.

Myth 1- You Will Not Be Able To Work While on Chemo

Most people work full-time even when they are receiving chemotherapy for cancer. Many patients feel that working during the treatment gives them a sense of normalcy and helps them stay distanced from the constant stress of cancer. Patients who are receiving their treatment from top cancer hospitals in Panta can maintain their regular life and get the best treatment at the same time.

Myth 2- You, Will, Have Constant Nausea and Fatigue

Chemotherapy affects every patient differently. So, while some of them may experience constant nausea and fatigue, others might have mild symptoms. However, even if you experience chronic side effects due to chemotherapy, oncologists in Patna can help you manage them. Doctors will provide medicines and methods to manage these symptoms and lead a normal life during your cancer treatment.

Myth 3 – You Will Lose All Your Hair

Not all chemotherapy drugs will cause hair loss. Patients may experience hair thinning due to chemo drugs, but complete hair loss occurs in the most severe cases. Also, if you lose your hair due to chemotherapy, it will grow back once the course of treatment is complete.

Myth 4 – You Will Spend All of Your Time in Hospital

This is one of the most common myths believed by cancer patients. When you have the support of a trusted cancer hospital in Patna, you can lead a normal life and get your treatment at the same time. Patients won’t have to admit themselves to the hospital during their course of treatment. The drugs are administered on a regular basis, and patients only arrive for their appointment.

Final Words

Chemotherapy for cancer can be difficult, but it is one of the most effective treatment methods. You shouldn’t trust unreliable sources to form an opinion on cancer care, instead visit your doctor and discuss your concerns with them. Leading a normal life while getting cancer treatment is possible with trusted cancer hospitals in Patna. At Aastha Cancer Institute we aim to provide the best treatment and support to every patient. If you have any questions about your health, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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