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Radiation or Surgery — Which Is the Best Cancer Treatment Option?

Cancer claims thousands of lives every year. Several people become victims of this disease and it disrupts their whole lives. Anyone who gets diagnosed with cancer looks for the best option for cancer treatment in Patna, and the options might confuse them. Ever since the medical field has improved there are several treatment options for cancer patients.

Oncologists may suggest a combination of these treatments depending on the patient’s condition. However, amid all of these treatment options, two remain at the top. Surgery snd radiation has been the most preferred cancer treatment options. After the advancements in medical science, these two treatment options have become even more effective. So, which option is better for cancer patients? Let’s find out —


Surgery is one of the most common methods of cancer treatment. Many oncologists in Patna use this method to remove tumors from the body. Many cancer patients get scared when they hear about this procedure, but it is suggested by several doctors in the early stages of cancer. If the tumor is removed in the initial stages, it will not have time to multiply and spread to other parts of the body. This is why oncologists and cancer specialists often recommend surgery to patients who are in the early stages of this disease. If the surgery is successful the patient will have better chances of full recovery and leading a cancer-free life.


Radiation is another popular option for cancer treatment in Patna. This method uses high energy waves to damage and destruct cancer cells. Exposure to these waves stops the cells from multiplying and damages the cancer cells. The main focus of this treatment is to kill all cancer cells and make the patients cancer-free. This treatment is used in cases where patients cannot bear the pain of surgery or when the tumor has spread to multiple parts of the body. Radiation therapy is an effective mode of treatment and must be received by specialized doctors.

Final Words

Both radiation and surgery are effective methods of treatment. Choosing the best one will depend on the doctor. They will analyze your condition and suggest the best course of treatment. Sometimes the doctors may suggest a combination of two to improve your chances of recovery. If you are looking for a trusted cancer hospital in Patna, have a look at Aastha Cancer Institute. We offer the most comprehensive cancer care and our team of specialized doctors will support you throughout the treatment. Contact us for the best cancer care and support.

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