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Cytology and Histopathology

At Aastha Cancer Institute, we have a dedicated team of professionals who ensure that all tests are conducted using the most precise procedures and give the most accurate results for diagnosis. Here, we process a large number of samples and ensure the patient receives an accurate diagnosis of his or her condition. Our specialized medical equipment is used by the most skilled professionals. All the equipment we use for sample testing adheres to international standards of healthcare. 

Thus, patients not only receive the best care but the most accurate diagnosis as well. All the sample testing is performed under the guidance of an experienced oncologist. This allows the team to focus to identify even the most complex characteristics and offer the best insights to doctors. With the use of the latest technology, we have reduced the chances of errors during sample checking. 

The slides are stored and managed in the right environment allowing the lab specialists to get the most accurate samples while screening. The sample results are shared with both the patient and doctors for better understanding. The high accuracy of results allows the doctors to understand the patient’s condition better and devise a treatment plan according to their required needs. We can perform a range of tests using this latest technology. The accurate results and specialized treatment have facilitated the trust of patients and have made us the top cancer hospital in Patna. 

Cytology and Histopathology

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