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At Aastha cancer institute, we provide the best care to our patients through Outpatient services. We aim to emerge as the best cancer hospital in Patna by providing extensive care to every patient. Our clinic is equipped with specialized doctors who are capable of understanding any health condition and providing the best treatment possible. This service is primarily designed for patients with mild health conditions. The patients will have to go through a simple registration process, and they can receive the best care and advice from our experienced doctors. The clinic houses a team of the best healthcare providers who will take care of you as soon as you walk in. After you have completed the process, the doctor will examine you and suggest the best course of treatment. 

The treatment may be spanned over a couple of days or weeks, but you will not be required to stay on hospital premises until advised by the doctor. As a part of our extensive care, the doctors may order some tests when necessary to get a better understanding of your condition. The treatment plan will be developed after the doctor has acquired all the necessary information. We provide all types of treatments, and the doctor may recommend a combination of medications while providing treatment. However, our specialized care providers may also suggest surgeries in more extreme cases. The years of experience and expertise allow our doctors to provide the best care, and this is what makes us the top cancer hospital in Patna.

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