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The goal of our cancer centers’ of excellence is early detection, personalized treatment, and care provided through comprehensive cancer consultation involving a multi-disciplinary team of oncologists across our centre’s of excellence.

About Us

Aastha Cancer Institute was established in 2020 with a vision of helping people. Our guide and mentor SK Jha is the pillar of our institute. He had a dream to help the people of Bihar fight cancer. The lack of infrastructure and treatment is the biggest roadblock in every patient’s journey, and we are taking a step forward to fix it.

We wanted to set up an institute that can diagnose cancer in early stages and increases the recovery rate of patients. With guidance from our mentor and a professional team, we have brought our vision to life. At our institute, we focus on early diagnosis and reduce the time gap between diagnosis and treatment. This may seem like a small step, but it has helped us save many lives. We have treated several types of cancers, and our professional team of doctors and care providers makes it their personal mission to provide the best care.

Our institute consists of four departments, including medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, and pain and palliative care. All four of these departments are headed by the most qualified doctors in the country. Our care providers have years of experience, and every patient is a priority for us. With the best medical equipment and international treatment process, we aspire to take our institute to heights. We aim to build the best cancer treatment and research center where patients feel safe and valued.

Our units are well-equipped with the latest medical equipment that allows us to offer the best treatment to all our patients. We keep the communication channels open and discuss the treatment plan and prognosis with our patients. By sharing the treatment plan, we try to give hope to our patients. Our doctors are not just treatment providers, but they are a symbol of hope, and we will constantly work hard to provide the best treatment and fight cancer alongside you.

Aastha Cancer Institute

Medical Oncology

we provide specialized treatment to our cancer patients through chemotherapy, hormonal and biological therapy. Our qualified doctors follow international protocol during the whole procedure, and the treatment is given through the best medical equipment in the country.

Surgical Oncology

Our qualified surgeons can perform surgery in the early cancer stages. Surgery can be pivotal in managing and treating more solid cancers, and our surgeons combine it with multi-modality treatment to increase the possible outcomes. With Aastha Cancer institute, you will get the best cancer surgeon in Patna, and we will provide you the best care throughout the course of treatment.

Radiation Oncology

Since radiation therapy is one of the most advanced and modern treatments available for cancer. We make sure to provide the best oncologist in Patna to all our patients. Our care providers are capable of giving advanced treatment and kill the cancer cells using X-rays to damage the DNA of tumor cells. All our doctors have access to the best medical equipment, which allows them to offer extensive care to our patients. 


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